Some Thoughts on IT Services

The whole IT services scene has gone through some dramatic changes over the last 10 years. A decade ago IT off shoring was a very risky option with high gains possible if you get it right but big problems if things go adverse. Things have really moved on and these days it is a far more predictable science. This transformation has occurred largely through trial and error where the  big players has worked out the right way to do things.

Additionally eCommerce has how come of age. Going back 15 years eCommerce was viewed as being the way forward but the sites were poor and the user experience was far from perfect. With the development of a whole spectrum of new packages and facilities both  utilising commercial and open source software, the sophistication of the eCommerce packages has advanced dramatically with multi channel capability being standard. This means that it is now possible to complement the bricks and mortar  retail outlet with an online site which utilises the same stock and processes and which is now a true extension of the business. This has meant that the percentage of on-line sales has increased year on year and is not looking like stabilising in the near future.

Another key dimension is the cloud which is now making big changes in the IT professional services world and changing the way that companies operate their infrastructure. Traditionally any reputable company would have its own hardware facilities hidden behind a secure firewall and consequently could maintain good control of services in a secure manner. With the advent of cloud IT services this is now not economic and it is far more favourable to purchase the specific services you need at the level your business demands as cloud services. This has strong economic advantages but does put large demands on security both to secure customer data but additionally to allow companies to hold onto their intellectual capital.

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