One of a Kind New Business, I Fart On, LLC, Capitalizes on the Oldest Joke Known to Mankind

Utica, NY (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

Flatulence has never been so profitable as Tim Williams, CFO of I Fart On, LLC, ( announced the expansion of their online store for the I Fart On brand of clothing and merchandise. While offering over 100 stylish designs of shirts, I Fart On also boasts its website as the authoritative source of fart stories, photos and humor. I Fart On marks the first of its kind brand centered on farts and looks to make its mark on retail nationwide. Sure there are thousands of fart t-shirts out there for sale, but there has never been a brand until now I Fart On!

I Fart On, originally themed on the places we all fart, has expanded to embrace all forms of creative and classy fart humor. Since farting is a rather common daily occurrence, the places they occur is what can make them interesting. So celebrating these places gives rise to the name I Fart On. Some great examples of the line of clothing include the shirts: My Farts Have Swag,I Like Big Farts and I Cannot Lie, Hoof Arted?, and FART BO$ $ .

I Fart On has created not only just an online store, but an interactive destination website that serves as a daily source of humor and gives all fans a chance to upload their stories, ideas, fart questions and photos with our logo and shirts. The website also features a section of Fart Articles titled Farticles which compiles the best articles on farting on the web.

Life can be quite stressful and try to bring you down daily, says Williams, who is also known as The Fart Boss. To be able to make the most of something as simple and common as farts can brighten any moment, and wearing our shirts can share that with others.

We know that about 20 percent of people out there will be offended, continues Williams. However, without the haters, none of this would be funny in the first place, so we have to embrace them and hope that they always exist.

The I Fart On products are available for sale at the website on the online store. Customers can also request custom made shirts by contacting the company directly through the website.

Educated Fart Historians for Interviews

The founders of I Fart On pride themselves on being some of the most highly educated people on the subject of flatulence. They can answer any questions on the history of farts and fart jokes, the sociological impact of farts, the physiological impact of farts, and fart pop culture. Contact I Fart On for interviews or sound bites that are sure to get attention and bring smiles. Did you know that if a medical professional farts in the operating room they must own up to it, or the surgeon will have thoroughly investigate the source of the smell in the patient to determine if they ruptured an intestine?

About I Fart On LLC

I Fart On, LLC, was founded in 2013, but has been a lifetime in the making. It was formed by three longtime friends in Utica, NY, to celebrate the inherent humor in farts. Besides having a genuine appreciation for public farting, the initial concept for the business was created while discussing ways to make someone not want to sit next to you in an open seating airline flight. The idea was born, How about we wear a shirt that says I Fart on Airplanes?

From there, the ideas started to flow about where else we fart on, in or at. When the theme is explained to someone, they inherently begin thinking about places and having fun with it. The culmination of all of the places is referred to as The Bucket List of Farts. I Fart On is very interactive with its fans, with multiple interaction possibilities on the website, and a daily presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Used Cadillac ATS 2.0-Liter Engines Now Covered by 24-Month Warranty by Auto Parts Company Online

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

General Motors introduced the ATS luxury sedan vehicle from its Cadillac subsidiary in the year 2013 in the United States. Because this vehicle now comes with a turbocharged motor, the company is now providing a 24-month warranty for all used Cadillac ATS 2.0-liter engines on sale at

The units that are now covered under an extended warranty period are RWD models that use 6 and 8-speed automatic transmission. The warranty extension is part of a new consumer package that includes an incentive for no charge freight in some parts of the country. The full warranty period is now explained before checkout is complete at the POE website.

“Our inventory of 272 horsepower ATS used engines is now protected for a much longer period due to our efforts of using better suppliers to distribute consumer orders,” said a Preowned Engines source.

The offering of a better and more focused parts warranty to cover the originally installed parts by General Motors is one example of new programs in effect this year at the Preowned Engines company. Consumers do not have to pay for the revised warranty at the time of purchase because it is now included at no cost.

“The only thing that a person who buys our used 2.0-liter ATS motors will have to do is activate the warranty by using a link on our homepage,” said the source.

The ordering system at the POE website has been changed to include the new warranty features for customers. A person who has questions about how many parts are covered and what to do if a problem happens after an order is placed can now call customer support at 1-866-320-1065 from anywhere in the U.S.


The company supplies the public with a secure resource to buy vehicle motors for under the established retail price. The company has teams of professionals who acquire motor blocks and secure partnerships with third-party suppliers daily. The company supports the continued distribution of warranty coverage for its retailed products in the USA.

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Metal Detecting Hobbyists Asked to Donate Pop Tabs for Charity

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2015

For the general hobby metal detectorist, soda pop tabs are the arch nemesis; due to the preconceived notion that there may be treasure under their feet. Many take their machine out for a hunt with dreams of finding coins, rings, jewelry or even relics just beneath the surface. However, finding trash is inevitable in the sport, and many come across a soda pop tab more often than not.

Kellyco Metal Detectors of Winter Springs, Florida has recently launched a Dig & Donate campaign to collect these pop tabs. Although the small aluminum tabs (pulled from soda cans, fruit or vegetable cans and more) are generally considered to be trash, Kellyco has decided to reach out to their world-wide community of treasure hunters and ask for pull tab donations. Cleaning up the environment is one beneficial by-product of the metal detecting hobby, but Kellyco wants to take it a step further and put some trash to good use.

The Dig & Donate campaign, which launched just a few weeks ago, is already showing to be a huge success with thousands of donations collected at Kellycos Central Florida showroom thus far. So what is Kellyco going to do with all these pop tabs? For every donation received by July 20, 2015, participants will be entered into a drawing of various grand prizes totaling over $ 26,000 in value. Each grand prize has been graciously donated to the campaign by leading metal detector manufacturers such as Minelab, Garrett, Fisher Research Labs, Whites Electronics and Nokta. Drawings for each prize will take place at Kellycos grand re-opening event which will be held on Saturday, August 1, 2015.

Thats just the beginning though. During the first week of August, Kellyco has pledged to turn over the entire pop tab collection to the Ronald McDonald House Charities

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Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC (PMV), Reverse Mortgage Division Announces the Hiring of John Loveless as HECM Division Operations Manager

Henderson, NV (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

The Reverse Mortgage Division of PMV hires John Loveless to oversee all aspects of reverse mortgages operations. I see a great opportunity for the players that are trained and prepared for Financial Assessment to thrive through the next growth phase of our industry. Im excited with the timing to really make an impact at PMV to help navigate these new waters explained John Loveless.

John Loveless has over 32 years in the mortgage industry running both retail and wholesale operations and has been concentrating on the HECM product for the last 7 years. In the HECM industry, John has overseen retail operations for 100 loan/month organizations and on the wholesale side has closed over $ 800 million in sales as an Account Executive.

We are excited to add John Loveless to our management team. His experience in the reverse mortgage industry and background in developing large, national mortgage operations will play a vital role in our continued national expansion, stated John Metcalf, National Distributed Retail Manager at PMV.

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, the Reverse Mortgage Division of PMV is a full service reverse mortgage lender offering complete back office support to its branch partners and loan officers. With a dedicated management and support staff offering more than 50 years of specialized experience, strong investor and vendor relationships and an active member of NRMLA, the company is poised to continue its growth in the reverse mortgage industry.

The PMV Reverse Mortgage Division is a fixture on the top 10 list of reverse mortgage lenders, and is licensed to originate in 43 states and Washington D.C. under the Federal NMLS registration. The Reverse Mortgage Division offers an entire suite of services including full service processing, in-house closing and funding, a scenario desk and an application fulfillment team. Possessing a fine tuned business model, cutting edge technology, excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge, the Reverse Mortgage Division at PMV is a solid partner our branches and loan officers can trust.

Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC (PMV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proficio Bank, a member bank of the FDIC. PMV is an Equal Housing Lender, Equal Opportunity Lender and an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information regarding the Reverse Mortgage Division at PMV, visit the divisions website at:

For employment inquiries please visit

Corporate Contact:

John Miller


Phone: (702) 583-3043


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2.2L Plymouth Horizon Used Car Engines Added to Chrysler Inventory at Preowned Engines Website

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

The 1981 to 1990 vehicle production at the Chrysler company in the U.S. supplied consumers with the Horizon and Omni vehicles. The company is now selling 2.2L Plymouth Horizon used car engines to the public by way of its web inventory now at

The 4-cylinder models that are now in stock are the original K motors that were produced for subcompact and hatchback vehicles. Car owners seeking a direct source for replacement inventory can now browse the POE inventory system to find VIN number matches. The 2.2-liter displacement builds that are now available to buy are scheduled to be shipped with a term warranty plan.

“The compact vehicle motors inventory that we’re selling this year is compatible with the A403 and higher gearboxes,” said a rep.

Both the Horizon and Omni vehicles are supported through the used condition inventory that is now offered for web ordering at the Preowned Engines company website. While each build does come complete with a plan for covering OEM parts, no cost freight is an option for shop owners or mechanics who buy this year.

“The 2.2-liter is one of the models of motors that can be purchased at a lowered price point for the remainder of the year,” said the rep.

The website is now being updated every day with brand new content about inventory that is being sold nationally. New pages on the company homepage now offer details about mileage, engine history and try to answer as many questions as possible that consumers would ask before placing an order.


The company supplies American and Foreign vehicle motors that are in used condition for lower than retail prices nationally. The company launched in 2013 and has quickly become a leader in the secondary parts market. The company continues to add motor blocks to its searchable inventory now promoted on its website daily.

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The Mall at Millenia Announces Expanded Personal Shopping Services

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

The Mall at Millenia Gets Personal

Luxury brands deliver equally opulent services for shoppers.

If great shopping is an art form, then the expanded services of personal shoppers at the stores of The Mall at Millenia are the new masters.

A personal shopper serves as the link between guests and their wardrobes. Sure, they gauge a proper fit, identify trends, and customize overall looks that work best for their clients. But at The Mall at Millenia, the experience is so much more than that.

Personal shoppers help mall guests define their own individual styles. They also do the legwork. By saving clients time, educating, and offering advice, they elevate what is already a luxe experience to a delightful exercise in pampering and the art of shopping.

Mall-Wide Luxury

While department stores have a long tradition of offering excellent personal shopping experiences, new opportunities abound throughout The Mall at Millenia.

Boutiques like Saint Laurent and Chanel, which will reopen its doors this spring with the stores new, ready-to-wear-line, will also house expert stylists who are ready to educate clients on their respective brands, the current seasons collection, as well as on how to select complimentary pieces.

Perhaps you already have the perfect leather jacket, but would like to learn how to style it so it carries from day to night. This is where a personal shopper or stylist steps in.

A plush environment is also part of The Mall at Millenias enhanced, elevated level of customer service. Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Macys provide completely separate areas for personal shopping, enabling stylists to coordinate a brand-new look for guests, from head to toe, in privacy.

On the second floor of Neiman Marcus, guests are whisked to a private, personal shopping section equipped with lavish furnishings, beautiful d

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Seating Expert Inc. Introduces a Mobile-Friendly Restaurant Furniture Website

North Arlington, NJ (PRWEB) May 08, 2015 announced the release of its new mobile-friendly website that will greatly enhance its customers’ buying experience on mobile devices and tablets. Seating Expert, which designs and manufactures restaurant furniture, built the website in response to mobile commerce trends and user demand. The new design is responsive across all mobile platforms, including the iPad, iPhone, and Android-powered devices. Menu layouts and navigation have been streamlined to ensure a smoother transaction, while losing none of the item attributes and customization features that have driven the browser-based experience.

A recent article published by Mashable, titled “15 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2015,” points to some of the challenges, and the promise, inherent in the mobile web. While some of the predictions are speculative in nature, others are more firmly grounded in common sense. Not least of these is the prediction that “Brands and retailers will pay additional attention to M-Commerce [mobile commerce] opportunities.” While the article predicts that some of this attention will be focused around phones’ abilities to scan bar codes and QC codes, the deeper motivation — to be “better equipped to keep customers engaged, drive sales, and increase customer loyalty and retention” — means reaching customers where they are, and on the devices they’re using, regardless of whether they’re using their mobile devices to scan, browse, or buy.

The Mashable article takes for granted that mobile has already changed everything, and for good reason. Mobile use in the United States is at more than 103% of the population. Many people own more than one mobile device, including multiple phones for personal and business use, or tablets like Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Note in tandem with their smart phones. That popularity has meant seismic changes in how customers relate to web-based content. Desktop browsing and internet use has steadily fallen in the last few years as mobile browsing, mobile search, and the use of mobile applications has skyrocketed.

New Jersey-based restaurant seating company Seating Expert has seen this trend play itself out in their own customers’ browsing habits. Over time the company, like many in the ecommerce space, tracked browser data for its website, and noted that desktop users were making up an ever smaller proportion of their customers overall, with mobile use steadily growing until it finally outpaced the use of desktop browsing. The numbers didn’t lie. It was time for a change. And that change couldn’t come at a better time; currently, site visitors using desktops make up a scant two percent of the site’s overall visitors, with more than 98 percent using browsers on portable devices (mobile phones and tablets) or mobile applications from companies like Amazon.

Asked to explain what these mobile browsing trends have meant for his company, a company’s spokesperson stated, “Even though we’re a conveniently located in New Jersey, a rising number of our walk-in customers are discovering us on their iPhone and other mobile devices. With built-in tools such as Google Maps, customers are easily finding Seating Expert on their smartphones within the tri-state area or as far away as Canada. Moreover, our analytics have shown us that an increasing number of sessions are originating from mobile devices; we’re excited to accommodate our users with a easier way to buy restaurant furniture from us on the go.”

Seating Expert is a New Jersey-based wholesale furniture supplier that services the tri-state area and beyond. The companys expert craftsmen build furniture to order using durable wood, metal, vinyl and fabric. The company offers restaurateurs, offices, and other clients whose high traffic demands quality furniture high quality commercial-grade tables, chairs, bar stools, booth seating, cabinetry, and even church seating. Seating Expert leverages years of experience to assist business owners in finding the right seating solutions for their restaurant’s theme, location, and clientele. By rolling out its mobile website, the company proves that its web presence, like its furniture, is designed with its customers’ needs in mind.

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The Cotton Yearbook Debuts to Remove Information Barriers from the Cotton Value Chain

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) May 07, 2015

With todays launch of The Cotton Yearbook, professionals in the cotton and textile industries now have a new resource to help them improve their operational efficiency, communicate more effectively with their partners and suppliers, and maintain closer ties with their friends and colleagues around the world.

Mike McCue, who served the industry as editor of Cotton International magazine from 2010-2014, created the new publication to meet the information needs of international cotton and textile leaders, from the farm to retailers shelves.

Everywhere Ive gone over the last 18 months, people have been telling me that the industry needs an international information resource that helps them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, McCue says. I created The Cotton Yearbook to eliminate the information barriers that reduce efficiency, add costs, and hinder cottons ability to compete with other fibers in the global marketplace.

The Cotton Yearbook consists of:

Posted in it services | Tagged , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment Launches With Tuxton China & Restaraunt Dinnerwear

(PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Tripan International is a new retailer of many different selections and brands of fine china dinnerware. Tuxton fine china for restaurants are available in: china mugs, china plates, china bowls and many more. Also, most of the china available on Tripan International is straight from the luxurious Tuxton brand. This is a new website that is going to compete and have one of the best selections of china among other companies.

Many different types or variations of plates are available on Tripan International. The different variations include colored plates, shaped plates (such as square plates or triangle plates) and a classic white china plate. Almost every type of plate is bought in dozens, which helps save a good amount of money since the purchases of customers are in bulk. Tripan International has plates for every type of restaurant or occasions and is sure to have something of anyone’s liking.

Everyone needs some china for their own use. Tripan International has china that looks gorgeous and is good for casual eating times, it looks nice but isn’t overwhelming for a normal family dinner. Brands such as Bahamas & Emerald, or Concentrix offer a great selection (as well as variety) of restaurant Tuxton dinnerware to be purchased. These brands are great for casual occasions of china but also could be used in many restaurants as a luxury dinner accent. Tripan International has affordable china for all restaurant owners.

As mentioned above, the variety on Tripan International is great. One of the most popular types of china, china mugs, is definitely available to be purchased. Not only are the mugs great and luxurious, but so are the tens of different china offered here. To name a few more types of china sold, it includes: Tuxton mugs, plates, bowls, dishes, saucers, fruit bowls, nappies, salad bowls, soup bowls, tea pots and still many more. Over 10 different Tuxton lines of china are offered on the website, each with its own unique style and elegance.

For those premiere restaurants that have and serve only the best food, the food would look even great with the selection of Tuxton china offered on Tripan International. Their San Marino, AlumaTux and Modena brands of china are surely the most gorgeous and best suited for restaurants that take pride in the looks of their food. TI carries all types of fine china on here, that come in that great white color, that will help enhance the look and appearance of the food being served.

All of the types of china on Tripan International can cater to every restaurant around, as well as any occasion. Tripan International is growing rapidly and will continue to add more types of china and dinnerware in the future, as well as becoming one of the most well known china retailers around!

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Creatuity Joins the New eBay Enterprise Magento Small Business Program

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

Creatuity today announced its participation in the new Magento Small Business program recently announced by eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc. company. The new Magento Small Business program will help emerging businesses quickly deploy affordable online Magento stores. This initiative connects business owners with proven Magento partners to implement the free Magento Community Edition and leverage Magento extensions and integrations with PayPal, Braintree, and eBay Marketplaces.

Magento Small Business directs businesses to the ecommerce capabilities they need to stay nimble, attract new customers, sell globally, and grow their business without limits. Small businesses will learn which solutions and partners are best for their business needs at

Magento Community Edition continues to be the best platform for emerging businesses to gain the features and flexibility they need to support their growth at an affordable price, said Mark Lavelle, senior vice president, product and strategy, eBay Enterprise. By connecting businesses with a partner like Creatuity, we hope to accelerate commerce innovation and growth in the small business market.

Creatuitys Small Business product, Launchpad, is a streamlined way to launch a fast and powerful Magento webstore in just 2 days. Launchpad gives merchants the foundation to be online and selling products with an eCommerce store fast. With an easy, affordable one time purchase, merchants receive a site built and backed by a team of Magento Certified developers and solution specialists, advanced features, and a responsive design. Launchpad also includes an optimized hosting plan and access to Creatuitys eCommerce training. After the purchase and implementation, the site is completely owned by the merchant – completely open source and with no limits.

Creatuity CEO, Joshua Warren, said, Launchpad is an avenue to allow merchants of all sizes to quickly and affordably launch a powerful, open Magento eCommerce store. The Creatuity team built the platform to simplify the process of launching a power website for merchants.

Magento boasts the largest open-source commerce ecosystem of more than 4,300 Magento certified professionals and 260 proven system integrators worldwide. Magento, which powers more than 240,000 sites, was recognized as the leading ecommerce platform on the 2014 Internet Retailer Top 1000 and Hot 100 lists.

To learn more about Creatuity and the Magento Small Business program and the resources available, go to: and

About Creatuity

Recently celebrating its 7th birthday, Creatuity has served as a Magento partner and core contributor to the Magento community for many years. The Texas-based company propels fast-growing brands with exceptional Magento stores. Their team of Magento certified developers and solution specialists have built hundreds of Magento sites for some of the largest brands.

About eBay Enterprise

eBay Enterprise is a leading global provider of retail-optimized commerce solutions, including the Magento platform, order management, fulfillment, customer care, and marketing solutions. We enable brands and retailers of all sizes to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences across all retail touch points to attract and engage new customers, convert browsers into loyal buyers, and deliver products with speed and quality. With unrivaled flexibility and control, our clients are armed to accelerate sales growth and win with todays digitally connected consumer. eBay Enterprise is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa. and has offices in Austin, Barcelona, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai. eBay Enterprise is an eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) company. More information can be found at and

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